4 FAQs About Visa Extensions During Coronavirus

The epidemic prevention and control period are carrying out for more than a year. During this period, how to extend our visa qualifications?

Q1:Can foreigners enter and exit Hong Kong normally during epidemic prevention and control period?

The Hong Kong government has adopted a series of response measures in the wake of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

At present, Hong Kong’s borders are operating as usual, with the notable exception of the Wuhan border. The visa-free transit policies remain unchanged and all major transportation means, including road, sea and air routes, continue to run normally. Foreigners can enter and exit Hong Kong just as easily as before, provided they have valid entry and exit certificates.

Considering the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, reducing cross-border movements of people is conducive to preventing and controlling the spread of the epidemic. Foreigners can travel to Hong Kong if they must, and those in Hong Kong are encouraged to stay put.

Foreigners who must leave the country should check whether their destination countries and/or regions have implemented entry quarantine measures in response to the epidemic.

Q2: How do foreigners apply for a visa extension and/or residence permit during the epidemic prevention and control period?

Hong Kong’s Exit-Entry Control Departments across the country continue to provide working visa extension hong kong and residence permit application services for foreigners.

Those who are in urgent need of an extension or residence permit can submit the relevant documents and ask for expedited services.

To avoid the crowds waiting at the Exit-Entry offices, foreigners can apply for an appointment with the necessary department.

Q3: What should foreigners do if their visas and/or residence permits expire during the epidemic prevention and control period?

Since it is difficult to leave Hong Kong due to the epidemic prevention and control measures, and because investment visa hong kong and residence permit extension procedures can not be dealt with in a timely manner, the Exit-Entry departments can lighten, mitigate or exempt foreigners from penalties. This must be done in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.

Q4: How should foreigners staying in Hong Kong cope with the epidemic prevention and control measures?

Avoid crowded places and comply with the epidemic prevention and control measures implemented by local communities, the local public security departments, Exit-Entry departments and health bureaus.

If you have a fever accompanied by coughing and respiratory difficulties, report your symptoms to the nearest appropriate healthcare facility for further diagnosis and epidemic screening.