Fascinating Tea Packaging

The chinese sentiment closer to tea seems to be engraved of their dna, and as consumption enters a more youthful age, young human beings are not only the principle consumers of latest-style tea liquids, but a growing number of more youthful human beings are starting to drink and buy tea. Even though it is a activity after sustenance, the requirements of younger consumers aren’t low: portable drink, health and well being, fancy blend and suit, sensitive and good-looking … The stylish kids are no longer glad with goji berries in a thermos, they want desirable-tasting and handsome tea at the identical time!

How can the historic tea tradition collide with different elements to interrupt far from conventional packaging and attract younger purchasers? This difficulty’s marking awards entry feature takes a examine a way to make tea packaging appearance fashionable.


Appreciation Of Works


1. Chali chinese language national drink in tang dynasty gift field

That is a teabag gift box newly released in chali tea. The main visible style of the packaging is stimulated by using the tang dynasty mural “golden land and inexperienced landscape”. Beginning the present field, the essence of the tea way of life from the tang dynasty with the ancient horse tea shipping pas as history lays earlier than you. The structure of the gift container refers to chinese ancient books, and the famous blind container shape is delivered to the interior to enhance the user revel in. The blind box expresses the special flavors of the 4 tea drinks through the costumes of 4 tang dynasty horses using girls and the decoration of horses. The the front of the teabag layout is just like a puzzle, which may be assembled into an instance, the again is distinguished by means of huge colour blocks and horse-driving characters, brilliant and specific, and the oriental romance in tea ology is completely displayed.


2. “julu distinctiveness” collection product package design

Julu county, china, though enjoys an extended records and profound lifestyle, is rarely acknowledged by means of human beings. The whole city of the music dynasty, which has a records of 900 years, is now below the ground of julu county, and it is also referred to as the “oriental pompeii”. Once, a massive variety of great music dynasty porcelain become unearthed in julu, and it showed us the beauty of way of life and art. The three treasures of julu county are honeysuckle, purple apricots and wolfberries, and the prolonged commodities are one of the county’s pillar industries. But, modern-day packaging lacks capabilities and opposition. The design group studied the local track dynasty’s records and subculture, integrating both of them as well as portray aesthetics into the package design. The outer packaging is painted with authentic julu tune dynasty porcelain, using special porcelain to include specific julu merchandise, and marked with the name of the porcelain, the modern place, and a description of the product, making the packaging a provider of ‘cultural spreading’.


3. Tea e book

Right books are the guide of existence knowledge, top tea is the guide of a very good life. This chinese tea package deal layout uses books because the prototype of the package deal container to create the integration of books and tea and display the brand photograph of leisure from books and tea. The multi-layered paper creates a three-dimensional “mountain”, attractive and ecofriendly. The combination of mountain levels similarly embodies the page flipped over with the profound that means that desirable tea comes from far off mountains.


4. Teastan

The packaging dieline is an imitation of a cut from the field with a tea leaf, as though with a naked hand. It shapes a window that lets people penetrate the arena of tea leaves, illustrated as a magical global of insects and plant life and leaves that grow next to each different in wild nature, devouring the sun and sparkling air of the lovely mountains, in which they upward push. There are mainly one-of-a-kind types of tea – with fresh and soothing results. The layout has exemplified energizing teas on white packaging with a image of the solar– a source of power, and enjoyable teas in black packaging with a symbol of the moon. So clients can get the feeling that the tea offers now not solely via the coloration of the package and symbols, however also by using the temper that it passes. Teastan opens up the sector to the charming nature of armenia while taking part in the scrumptious teas․


5. Okayṣaṇacha-deep dive into tea

The packaging of “deep dive into tea” is stimulated via the conventional chinese ‘lu ban lock’ and the ‘inch of brocade sport’ at the tea desk, wherein every small package has a picture on the waistband. When the purchaser seems on the eight teas in the p.c., they’ll have a “distinction surroundings appears with every step” experience as though they may be strolling thru a traditional chinese language lawn. The names of the teas are primarily based on natural imagery from the landscape of china: mountains, star rocks, streams, clouds, snow, spring fields, appropriate bushes, daylight, and sundown. The package deal expression of “deep dive into tea” consists of the name of every tea, the taste of the tea condensed in keywords, the characteristics of the tea exquisitely interpreted in poems, and the ornamental imagery in the “twelve essays” corresponding to the connotation of every tea. With its subtle and meaningful expressions, customers can feel the logo’s aim to locate the pleasant tea.


6. Tno fanta-stick tea

The maximum distinct characteristic of this package design is the aggregate of the stirring stick and the shape of the tea bag. The included layout of the cardboard and tea bag isn’t always handiest aesthetically appealing however also a good solution to the common issues of traditional tea baggage together with the smooth sinking of tea leaves, uneven attention, and smooth breaking of the road connecting labels. Shade is followed as the visible steerage of the package design idea, through atomization and diffusion of coloration blocks to show the special tea kinds inside the collection, their thickness, fermentation diploma, tea hues, and so on.


7. Efuton “ten consecutive championships” jenga tea

It’s far composed of 10 independent small spherical teapots, which are compact and transportable, and may be stacked with building blocks between the pots so that it is very interactive and exciting. As the unique tea for the 19th asian video games hangzhou 2022, a fusion of “pot” and “champion” chinese language homonym, each 10 cans are related into a collection to desire the athletes with an emotional layout language: “10 consecutive championship awards “. The special flavours of tea are matched with the corresponding asian games shades to form an appetising rainbow of colorful packaging. The packaging is made of food-grade pp plastic, which may be time and again filled with tea by screwing the lid and can also be stored and embellished to assist with environmental protection.


8. Puyu immediately tea package deal design

The packaging layout of this freeze-dried tea powder combines present day aesthetics to provide an oriental aesthetic with the form of the tea as a landscape. The different ‘flora’ shapes of the tea drugs form a natural landscape, giving clients an association between the product and the unique location of the tea leaves. It breaks the traditional single-form packaging for immediate liquids and uses the idea of the product as a whole for visual interpretation: the overall color scheme of the packaging corresponds to the extraordinary flavours of tea, giving the complete ‘panorama’ a layered look and reflecting the changing seasons. The packaging is crafted from recyclable substances and the one-of-a-kind capsules are fashioned in a shared module, making the packaging extra environmentally pleasant.


9. Blanbunny flower tea brick

The flower tea present container is fashioned like a delicate eyeshadow palette, with four exceptional petal decorations, just like the 4 sun shades of the “eyeshadow palette”, to meet the exclusive tea ingesting wishes of sensitive and splendor-conscious ladies. The design heightens the visible appetite of the tea bricks, attracting a more youthful era who can emerge as more fond of tea consuming and the laid-back tea lifestyle. The tremendous packaging structure of the eyeshadow palette additionally lets in you to place a few single color eyeshadows and diy your personal eyeshadow palette whilst the tea is completed.


10. Otter dun super instant fruit tea

otter dun, the original super moment fruit tea block, the biggest point of the product itself is that a mug of water is ready to make fruit tea, ready to drink at any time. Thus, the packaging design conception is uprooted from the brand value proposition” free at hand”, and the raw accoutrements ( fruit and tea) floating on the face of the water are abstractly depicted as illustrations, and the black stroke design highlights the fresh fruit flavor, and combines the raw material display, brewing system, constituents( nutritive composition) and other information to convey to consumers a clear the black border design highlights the fresh fruit flavor and combines with the information of raw material display, brewing system, constituents( nutrition content),etc. To convey clear brand recognition and product information to consumers. The colour of the inner bag follows the colour of the external box to maintain tonal uniformity. The double- opening box on both left and right sides makes it accessible for consumers to drink fruit tea snappily whether in the fast- paced office, in slow- paced home life, or on the way to travel.


11. Chun feng shi yang ju

The design combines traditional chinese culture with immature aesthetics the product name similar as huan qing xiao, meaning calling the dawn, is taken from classical chinese poetry and presented in handwritten encounter script to show the characteristics of the product and produce a affable atmosphere at the same time. Also, the totem fountain is inspired by the crests of ancient structures and the graceful angles suggesting the walking mores of ladies in the tang dynasty. Also, the external packaging box simulates a drug box with fresh plates representing chinese classical societies similar as seals, paper- cut for window decoration, and ruyi patterns. The packaging colors are substantially named from traditional chinese colors, using bright differing colors and further fashionable image processing styles. Deduced from the drug and food homology methodology, this health- conserving tea combines chinese traditional artistic characteristics in contents, promotes traditional chinese culture, enhances the fun and social attributes of food, and completely satisfies the aesthetics of youthful groups.


12. Chali black marker oolong tea

chali black marker oolong tea is packaged with a gold embossed illustration of the four major oolong- producing regions in china. The external box is rear frosted, the whole box looks smooth but has a delicate frosted texture when touched, with the tableware card refracting light at different angles, the whole black marker oolong is completely good. The frontal pattern and chart of the gift box have been embossed and convex, giving the image a more three- dimensional sense and a pictorial image. The inner fund adopts a digital printing process, which directly penetrates the picture through the aluminum antipode system, and forms a metallic texture that echoes with the external box screen. It adopts an italic clamshell structure, and the tea bag is placed in a grade shape at the bottom of the gift box at a pitch angle. When the consumer opens it, the product is presented fully and directly in front of the eyes, as well as the colony region preface and cfds evaluation of tea, allowing consumers to appreciate the chinese oolong tea from taste, professionalism and perception, and to witness the oddity and oneness of black marker oolong.


13. Willchá

willchá is deposited as an oriental light tea drink. In order to more apply the conception of” light”, the overall packaging doesn’t use tenacious technology and there’s no plastic lamination on the box, the tea marker of the bag is published with comestible grade soy essay technology and the bag is sealed with ultrasonic, with no cement, which is safe and healthy. The sludge fibre bags are fully biodegradable and friendly to the terrain. The most introductory square tea boxes are named to form small selling units with oriental aesthetic art illustrations on the side of the box. When the boxes are piled, they not only partake the pressure of storehouse in the shop, but also produce a bright” hit wall” in the shop at any time.


14. Shiromura tea imprinting and planning

in the introductory totem plates, the tea coliseum means tea and the futon means tao. Symmetrical composition is combined with simple graphic lines to reflect the tea form and convey the cultural generality. The design of the futon extends different places to reflect the conception of tea discipline. In the packaging, each part corresponds to a kind of tea and the attached part sticker can interact with the inner and external packaging to strengthen the communication of the brand conception that sitting still and being inactive is also a way of life, similar as enjoying half a mug of tea in the fast- paced ultramodern life, calming down and decelerating down


15. Kṣaṇacha- flow tea

ultramodern megacity residers spend utmost of their time living in concrete metropolises, and flow tea hopes to revive people’s original desire for nature deep in their hearts. The colours used in the main visual design of flow tea are those given by nature, and the illustration is designed with a flowing sense of movement, bringing back the natural feeling similar as water flowing or the breath blowing the trees. The inner bag colours are chosen from colours inspired by nature as well as traditional chinese colours. The design combines the strengths of tea itself to engage the senses of the consumer, allowing them to have a break that pulls them into the natural world for a moment, indeed in the hustle and bustle of work.


16. The collection of health tea named congqianman

the external box is made from a natural texture of cotton- suchlike paper, with a simple tableware antipode reflecting the texture of the original paper, amplifying a sense of security while blending a sense of complication and simplicity. The simplicity of the external box is in sharp discrepancy with the full layered colors of the inner bag. The support of the leather- suchlike material in the inner bag opens up a packaging experience from” cold” to” warm”. The original design of the inner bag is different from the traditional and popular tea bag structure. The innovative external box turner design allows the entire tea package to be fluently attached to a home or office water dispenser, transubstantiating the box into a slim and textured tea caddy hole that can be fluently opened and closed to take tea. The packaging reflects the warmth of healthy tea and opens up a flexible and intriguing way of drinking tea.


17. Chali red mansion tea gift box

in’ a dream of red palaces’, there are nearly 300 descriptions of tea, and the word” tea” appears 459 times. The alleviation for” chali red mansion tea gift box” comes from the romantic and elegant classic of tea wisdom’ a dream of red palaces’. The gift box design uses the classical empty window aesthetics and is accompanied by ultramodern bronzing technology, which is exquisite and generous. Through the addict- shaped empty window, the four jinling beauty are displayed in the q interpretation of the image, combining ultramodern trends with classic traditions, and paying homage to the classics ‘ red chamber sighing tea ’ which is the stylish interpretation of the public drift. The 4 teas in the gift box are given lyrical names, completely illustrating the collision of culture and fashion.


18. Shiyiqu tea packaging design

the brand name” shiyiqu” means chaos as one, and has the taoist conception of” the sky is clear with one, the earth is peaceful with one, and everything is alive with one”. The packaging design captures the characteristics of” chaos” and incorporates the characteristics of tea haze similar as” thick, clear, woody and wettish” into the abstract” shiyiqu”, giving consumers different comprehensions of life while drinking tea that” mountains are mountains” and” mountains aren’t just mountains”. Through the study of the nature of tea, different tea products are combined with words that represent chaos, visually reflecting the differences in tea, and the conception is also to combine chaos with” shiyiqu”, where everything is born with one. The product would like to bring the flavour that exists only in wuyishan to the megacity and gift it to the megacity’s recently arising tea alkies , bringing them a closer understanding of tea.


19. T9 royal collection

The t9 royal collection series brings together the stylish teas from 6 notorious tea estates in the world, and each tea is as precious as a diamond. From the inside to the outside, the total is designed with t9’s unique rhombus pattern, and through unique artificer, it creates a luxurious and bright visual effect. In the external box, the combination of fine lines and artificer creates a rich sense of complication. The orange border and blotches combine with the orange brand totem to establish a distinct brand recognition with an amazing sense of luxury. The inner tea pot, the rhombus of 6 iridescent colors corresponding to 6 kinds of tea, presses the strong three- dimensional texture like jewelry. The lid with the golden three- dimensional totem, the golden inner bag, all the details make this packaging luxurious in appearance.


20. Saristi

the design of saristi’s packaging was inspired by a nature walk on sunday. The rudiments on the packaging are immersed in the meter of nature, where insects dance with shops and nature’s watermarks shine, all of which attend in harmony on the external packaging. What the design wants to convey through the packaging is that the earth has created everything in harmony and concurrence, interacting in the cycle of life, easily and freely.




With a wide range of products on the shelves, the consumer’s aspect is transitory, but excellent food packaging design is always the first to catch the consumer’s eye and give them a affable sensitive experience. Whether it’s an eye- catching visual element or an innovative structural material, great designed packaging acts as an unnoticeable salesperson, helping to win the hearts of youthful consumers in their tea drinking choices.


MA Gallery


in keeping with the theme of fbif 2022, food packaging is also evolving in a rapid-fire surge of development, with a wide range of new and innovative packaging designs arising. This time’s fbif ifood show also features the ma gallery, showcasing the global trend of invention in food packaging design. The ma gallery emphasises the competition value of the marking awards, pressing the aesthetic value of packaging design, communicating the brand conception of packaging design and leading unborn design trends.


About Marking Awards


Marking awards ( MA ) initiated by fbif( food & beverage innovation forum), is a food and libation packaging design contest organized in shanghai since 2016 and targets the global. In a forum platform that attracts worldwide attention, marking awards was born to discover and praise brilliant f&b package design, and to encourage communication between original and global design power. In doing so, the awards commission aims to speed up f&b brands ’ packaging invention, package functional optimization, and ameliorate their aesthetic norms, therefore eventually all the stakeholders can make a creative packaging ecosystem together.