Where Should The Warehousing Industry Go In The Digital Economy Era

As Hong Kong society gradually enters the digital age, all the previous storage and circulation industry models, concepts, etc. are undergoing earth-shaking changes. Traditional supermarkets have been changed by new retail; traditional meat and vegetable markets and farmer’s markets for hundreds of years have been delivered to the revolution by the front-end warehouse model of fresh produce; the taxi market created after the emergence of human cities has also been shared rent Cang was killed. Almost all life production and circulation patterns based on traditional society have changed in this new century, so where should the traditional storage industry go?

Storage Industries Based On Agriculture, Industry, Export in 1980s

The warehouses are tall and large, mainly distributed in railways, highways, ports, airports and other transportation routes. The warehouse facilities mainly serve the industry and make an indispensable contribution to the development of the national economy. However, based on the current profound changes in Hong Kong society, we believe that the storage industry serving the new economy, new society and new industries has not kept up in time. All storage facilities, construction standards, safety management regulations and fire safety regulations are still Stay on the traditional economy-based warehouse management and storage facility management requirements. It simply cannot adapt to the new warehouses, new warehouses, and new circulation systems under the changes of modern Internet technology.

Serve New Economy In Future For Digital Economy

Take the more popular private storage, self storage hong kong industry, for example. But at present, whether it is from the planning level, technical management, regulatory parameters, etc., the traditional warehouse management model and thinking are still used, and the facilities are almost zero. Take Shenzhen Haojian’s self-storage warehouse as an example. This company has been engaged in self-storage for more than ten years. It can be said that it has survived in the cracks and lingered in the gaps of urban renewal. There is no good property suitable for landing this new type of storage. , Can only build warehouses in traditional warehouses and factories or commercial buildings. After warehouses are built, fire control and supervision are all managed in accordance with the old methods and old routines. It is very tiring and slow to make an otherwise good commercial project do, and people almost lose confidence in him.

Not Yet Ready To The New Storage Industry

As an absolute support for the urbanization development of Hong Kong, the private storage industry will inevitably become an absolute service project for urban life and the development of a metropolitan society, but there is no good place to stay. Companies currently engaged in the self-storage industry in Hong Kong are crossing the river by rubbing stones based on their financial strength, operational capabilities and anticipation of the future.

Hong Kong society is about to enter a new era of national consumption and expanding domestic demand. In this new economy and new social development stage, the self-storage business is bound to usher in a big explosion, big expansion, and big profits. But all the facilities, planning, supervision, and standards are still missing. As an established warehousing company in the industry, Shenzhen Haoguanjia Warehousing Management Company has already made some profound reforms and innovations based on social changes, industry evolution and market demand. In the face of the advent of the digital age, the new economy and the advent of a new society, the self-storage industry will inevitably be the future development direction and will inevitably become a good helper for Hong Kong people to enjoy a better city life after entering the city.