Spring/Summer 2022 Wedding Dress Trends

When the dreamy details are full of dazzling details on the stage, what are the key points to pay attention to next year’s bridal shop hk dress? This article organizes the key trends of the 2022 spring and summer wedding dress from “ELLE”, and also carefully selects three details that cannot be ignored. For a lifetime, every design link must be refined in place!


Generous And Beautiful Bare Shoulders

The generously revealing sexy collarbone design is sincerely certified by the dress masters. Elie Saab, Marchesa Couture, with spun yarn gently folded to create a straight neckline, Lihi Hod’s simple white draped heart neckline. For a designer’s favorite of the season, the bare-shoulder style is not to be missed.

Embroidered dresses with traditional handmade temperature, Dana Harel Design, Julie Vino Palace Collection with retro-inspired geometric stripes, MiraZwilinger, Ines By Ines Di Santo with sequins outlining floral lace, all are the highest level of romantic craftsmanship.

The guests stared at the bride who was walking on the red carpet. With the high slit design of the dress, the momentum was proportional to the sexy index. Whether it’s RomanzoBy Julie Vino, the fabric extension of a Verdin New York mini dress, or the visual effect of Marchesa Couture’s unbuttoned balloon skirt, sultry legs appear, every step is a goddess style.


Modern Short Dress

If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, in the hot spring and summer seasons, short dresses are the answer. Playful and cute Ines DiSanto Couture open-back dress, or refer to Sareh Nouri’s three-dimensional silhouette like a doll. If you’re concerned about not being formal enough, you can also refer to Gracy Accad’s cape-style skirt options.


Elegant Mermaid Curve

Create an exquisite figure immediately feel, non-mermaid line dress is none other than. Concave and convex wonderful proportions, such as Ines DiSanto’s low-key and minimalist, Marchesa Notte’s full body embroidery, and the extreme contrast of The Atelier’s surging skirt, each has its own flavor.


Classic Peng Skirt Princess Dream

The princess-style round skirt is a classic in the classic white gauze. Andrea Kwon, Ines Di Santo Couture layered cake-style veil, The Atelier, Amelia Casablanca’s big wave folds, fill the girl’s heart with sincere longing for the wedding.


Beauty Vest Machine

To ensure that the designer wedding dress has zero dead ends, the details of the back cannot be neglected. Full lace and dangling bows are all excellent elements for extra points.


Skill Sleeves

Brides-to-be who are shy about arm lines may wish to add ingenuity to the sleeves to divert their attention without being awkward.


Corset Design

The corset waistcoat design, the hem can be attached to a close-fitting straight skirt or a tutu skirt frame, it is the starting choice for combining beautiful body shapes.